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Kids Activities

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Yoga Class

Youth of today are under heavy stress. Stress is a reaction to the external situation and not the situation itself. Yoga helps with that. Yoga creates the entire support system and provides a stress-free environment for a healthy child.

Classical Dance

Classical dance is traditional costumes, amazing ethnic jewellery, mesmerizing footwork, mind blowing expressions! That’s how I define the famous North Indian dance form Kathak. So if you love this dance form as well, here are some of the places in Gurgaon where you can learn this beautiful art.

Western Dance

Kids enjoy dancing and moving to a rhythm almost seems like second nature to our kids. When this movement is structured and performed with an intent and awareness, it transforms to dance. Western Dance is one of the most basic forms of self-expression and children embrace the joy of dancing to a beat.

Karate Classes

If you're searching for a way to channel your child's energy into an activity that's part art form, part sport, then look no further than karate. Your child will begin his or her first class in a white belt, and will inevitably eye the older kids with their flashier, more colorful belts and polished karate motions.

Keyboard Classes

From classical to new age music, Piano and Keyboards can be found almost anywhere. Learning piano / Keyboard are also one of the best musical foundations you can have. Most professional musicians have some background in playing electronic keyboard.

Drawing Classes

Busybees school of arts is after school art classes for children and adults for anyone interested to learn drawing & different types of paintings.The main focus in the classes for art learners is to experience the joy of creating, while adding their art skill. We believe that a good education is not just what you gain from books but also what you gain from your experiences as a student.

Tuition Classes

From a students point of view; the end of a term is the perfect time to relax and catch up with all the trends. However, to ensure that they remain sharp and focused on their education, they have to spend some of their time learning and revising.

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